Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Progress on the sewing front

I’ve been fortunate to finally be able to do quite a bit of planning, fabric organizing  AND sewing lately. Spending time in my sewing room is a great de-stressor for me. Is it the same for you?

Telling you all about what I’ve been up to will take a while, but I’ll start with what I did most recently and work backwards. Just as a teaser, though, coming up are stories of making a body double, visiting a sewists’ gathering in the “big city” and I’ve actually made one and a half skirts at another sewing circle here in my own hometown! Best yet, with the help of a sewing teacher, I finally overcame my bodice fitting issues!

But first, what I did last night…
   The reason I’m working backwards is because I’m needing input from some other sewists about an idea I have for a dress for my daughter for her art school graduation. She would love to have one made out of came material and most of what I find is not what I would typically use for a dress. However, in one of our local surplus and salvage stores, I found a sheer polyester in shades of red, coral and black. I’m thinking of combining it with black for something similar to this:              


I also found some photos online of dresses in styles I liked. This one in particular:

But finding a pattern to mimic this is proving to be challenging. I’m thinking there’s a basic V necked sheath underneath and the draped pieces are actually four separate pieces X-ed across front and back, attached at the armholes, shoulders and neckline, then sewn into the side seams.
    I’ve looked online at the big 4 current patterns and didn’t find anything close that was constructed like this. I’ve also looked at some of the indie patterns, but there ARE a lot of indies (is that even a word?) out there now. Has anyone else seen anything similar? Or any other camo fabric I would consider? 

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