Monday, March 18, 2013

Jeans sewing workshop and a Goodwill cabinet find

I was fortunate to be able to attend a Jeans workshop this weekend by Jennifer Stearns, held at The Sewing Tree in Dover NH. What a great time we had, and learned so much! Jennifer is just delightful, a great instructor and extremely personable and down to earth. If you ever get the chance to take this workshop, do it! We had a small group of 10, so it was easy to get personalized attention and fitting.  

The first day was all about fitting, using Jennifer's jeans pattern pre-made up into muslins then tried on for size. She measured what we each needed for adjustments, then we made up our own muslins from her pattern. After that, we were checked again for whatever additional adjustments were needed. 

The second day, we learned some of the techniques that were needed to complete the jeans. She brought pre-cut pieces to make pockets, fronts and fly fronts. We didn't need to bring a thing to the weekend, everything was provided for us. It couldn't have been made easier for us to go home well satisfied! 

Along with the jeans workshop, Jennifer brought some of her creations for us to see- the first Trunk Show I've ever been to! Her embroidery work was simply amazing, the pictures just can't do it justice. The black and pink coat to the right is silk velvet with pink and metallic embroidery and free motion stitching.  The ecru gown to the left (back view) has vines of multicolored embroidery around the neckline and hemline, at the tips of the multilevel train and hand made silk ribbon roses at the waist.  All of her embroidery designs are designed and digitized by her.                     
On the way home, of course I couldn't help but stop at Goodwill (or 2.) I thought I might pick up some cheap jeans on which to practice my newly learned skills. I found three large mens pair at half price. I also was lucky enough to find an older sewing cabinet and chair for $20. I have needed another chair for a while, and the cabinet is a plus and will replace the folding table I have under one of my machines now.  It doesn't have a lift, but has an adjustable shelf which can hold a machine at two different heights. The right side door has metal spool holders, the left side door has a piece that needs to be screwed back on that appears to hold scissors. 


  We are expecting another foot of snow over the next couple of days. When I got home, I unloaded goodies, and then brought in some more wood for the stove. I am planning to practice my jeans skills during the storm.  What did YOU do this weekend??