Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pattern found!

Lo and behold, I got up this morning and found a pattern close to the pink chiffon style I posted about last night!  Vogue 8150 shows an almost identical criss crossed bodice. This one is not V necked, and I'm not wild about the straps, but at least I can get familiar with the techniques. Of course it's rated for advanced sewers, while I consider myself an intermediate.

The odd thing about finding this was the round about way it came about. While having my morning tea, I was googling "tucks vs pleats," trying to pinpoint the difference. This subject came up in our neighborhood knitting (and other various textile hobbies) group last week while someone was adding tucks to the bodice back of a vintage seersucker dress. So up came this page (If you haven't seen this site before, it's very informative for the devoted sewist.) From there I continued onto Part 2 See the picture she has here?

This photo originated from
a blog new to me that I will be reading avidly. Another post on her blog,,  shows a fabulous 80's cocktail dress by St. Gillian described as draped and tucked.
    By using these descriptions I eventually was able to find Vogue 8150 and from there went to Patternreview to check out the reviews I love the web!

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