Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sewing pick-me-up

I've been taking an online fitting class through and due to my very oddly shaped upper body (thank you scoliosis!), it is a lot of ripping out and experimentation. I got kind of frustrated this week, so I said to myself, "Self!, step away from the fitting muslin!"
So I did some cleaning and straightening up of my sewing room, pulled out a few small mending projects that I'd been procrastinating about, and made a few small crafty sewing projects.
I've been dying to try to make this type of headband. Once I did the first, it was simple!  I used these test fabrics, but found them too stiff. They made the band too wide for your average head. The next ones will be a softer material or I'll try pleating it. 

T shirt scarves!

I've made a lot of these lately.
They are actually a no sew project if you get a t shirt with no seams on the sides.

I really need belts! And belts that don't have a huge bulky buckle in the front. So I remembered that I had picked up some vintage plastic buckles and stashed them away, and dug them out. Fun, quick and just begging for fabrics to go with every pant and shirt I own!

What have you got hiding in your sewing room that would be fun to do as a quick pick-me-up project? 

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